Enjoy “while you wait” convenience on many smaller repairs and services.

Forget the hassles of vehicle drop-offs — sit with us for 10-30 minutes, and get right back on the road.

While you wait waiting room convenience

Relax in our comfortably air-conditioned lobby, with its soft chairs and latest editions of various car, sports, and women’s magazines.

We understand why many repair shops in the area require their customers to drop off their vehicles. Technicians get asked fewer questions and can juggle their day any way they please.

But while we understand it, we don’t agree with it.

At Quality Auto, Truck & Tire, we take customer service as far we can realistically take it — which includes a few ideas that aren’t so common in today’s world.

First, if you have work scheduled that requires just a few minutes of our time, we are happy to have you as our guest while that work is done. That relieves you of having to ask a friend or family member to pick you up and drop you off — and might even give you a welcome break from your otherwise busy day. Work of this sort includes oil changes, brake inspections, and NJ State Vehicle Inspections.

Second, if you have an unscheduled problem that requires just a few minutes of our time, we will also try to fit you in right away. This may require your waiting a few minutes before we start, and then waiting for us to finish, but it can often save you more time and tickets later, and we are happy to ad lib on your behalf as best we can. Work of this sort includes flat tire repair, headlamp replacements, and wiper blade replacement.

Third, we also don’t mind — and this is the most unusual idea, perhaps — showing you what is wrong with your vehicle and what we’re doing to fix it. We offer that service to anyone at any time, while most shop owners forbid you coming anywhere near your vehicle while they are inspecting it or working on it. In fact, at Quality Auto, Truck & Tire you are most welcome to take home the broken parts for your scrapbook or mantle!

What we’re saying is, we value our customers — those both new and long-standing. Whatever we can do to help you out, we will do our best to do it. And our While You Wait flexibility is part of what we see as our commitment to customer service.

So don’t be surprised if we suggest that you pull up a comfortable seat in our lobby, read one of our (many non-automotive) magazines, and give us a few minutes to get a small job done for you right away.

And don’t be too shy to ask us whether you can wait in our lobby for a vehicle repair to be done. We will always give you an honest assessment of our schedule and the time required to do the job properly. If waiting seems unreasonable and you cannot arrange a ride back to your home or office, we offer free shuttle service within 2-3 miles (drop-off only).