Snow plowing and salting service you can depend on when you need it most.

Quality Auto, Truck & Tire offers prompt, thorough snow removal from driveways and commercial parking lots.

snow plowing and salting

We arrive ASAP to your home or business, and take great care with both curbs and road surfaces.

Don’t let anyone kid you, running a snow plowing service ain’t easy (just ask the insurance companies and the families who don’t see their dads for 18 hours on a snow day).

But we also know that it isn’t always easy to find people you can depend on to get you plowed out and salted as soon as possible, either.

That’s why we got into the snow removal and salting business: as a service to some of our customers who groused about finding a dependable contractor to help when the winter New Jersey storms come in.

Of course, we take the same care when we plow that we do with everything else at our shop. So we won’t be burying your car or banging into your curb or mailbox. We aren’t perfect — after all, we tend to work in blizzards — but we do our work knowing that we aren’t just pushing snow, we’re helping out our neighbors. And so we try our best to be considerate about what we’re doing while doing it.

We get booked up quickly when the storms come in, so do yourself a favor and get on our plowing schedule by late Fall. That way you’ll be all set when that inevitable foot-plus storm comes barreling in unexpectedly.

We limit this service to homes and businesses in Hillsborough, Princeton, Montgomery, Skillman, Rocky Hill, and Belle Mead.