Before the season begins, ask us for snow blower repair or service.

When a blizzard starts, that’s no time to discover that your snow blower won’t!

snow thrower repair

Make sure your winter weather forecast is "My snow blower will work trouble-free."

It gets a little crazy in this area when heavy snow is coming. It’s human nature to save the time and expense of snow removal equipment purchases and repairs until you are sure you need them. But when the crush begins, we can be out of available snow plow service time just like the hardware stores can be out of snow shovels.

By all means, give us a call if you are suddenly concerned about whether your snow blower is tuned properly to do its job. But better still — bring it in for service in the early spring…during summer…in the fall…before it just might be too late.

Whenever you bring it in, we will check and tune the engine, replace the spark plug, replace the blades (if necessary), and generally do everything you would expect us to do to make your snow blower run as smoothly and strongly as possible when the Nor’easter hits.