Our ASE and ACDelco certified technicians bring you the very best in bumper-to-bumper service and repair.

And while most auto body shops are run by managers, our dual-certified owner works on-premises, too!

There is literally nothing our technicians cannot service or repair in your vehicle. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) tests and certifies automotive professionals in all major technical areas of repair and service.

ASE certified repair service technician, AC Delco master technician service specialistThe ASE conducts eight grueling tests for automotive technicians: Engine Repair, Engine Performance, Electrical/Electronic Systems, Brakes, Heating and Air Conditioning, Suspension and Steering, Manual Drive Train and Axles, and Automatic Transmissions. (There are additional exams for collision repair technicians, engine machinists, parts specialists, and others.)

This certification is awarded to the technician, not the facility, so you can rest assured that our technicians have been vetted by the very best watchdog group in our business. However, because Quality Auto, Truck & Tire has over 75% of our service personnel certified, we are entitled to proudly display special “Blue Seal of Excellence” recognition from the ASE.

We also participate in ACDelco’s Total Service Support program, which provides us with a wealth of tools, training, and other benefits. TSS offers 24/7, on-demand online courses that complement instructor-led course offerings.

The two certifications together represent the best available indications that the mechanics working on your vehicle have been rigorously tested and approved by independent leaders in our field.

Service AreaService DetailsNotes
Fundamental Car CareExpress lube, oil & filter change, automatic & manual transmission service, axles, differential service & rebuild, power steering, brake fluid, battery, wipers, filters, timing beltsA car is both expensive and almost a pet in many households. Caring for it is critical for both reasons — and that care gets more complex as vehicles become more and more advanced. Our ASE certified experts know domestic and foreign cars both inside and out, and take extensive training classes each year to stay on top of the latest advances.
BrakesDiagnosis, ABS brakes, pad replacement, lining replacement, hose replacement, master cylinders, emergency brakes, brake drums, brake rotors, machining, fluid flushBrake inefficiency is a result of general wear and tear, age, and mileage. Our ASE certified brake experts can both evaluate and restore your vehicle's braking performance.
Cooling/HeatingDiagnosis, radiators, hoses, belts, heater cores, thermostats, heat gaskets, water pumps, air conditioningAn engine is far too expensive to risk overheating or freezing. Have our ASE Certified technicians check your cooling and heating systems every Fall and Spring.
FuelDiagnosis, fuel injection, fuel hoses, fuel gauges, fuel pumps, fuel filters, injection cleaning, intake manifolds, carburetor, BG fuel injection cleaning & serviceA vehicle's fuel system stores and supplies fuel to the cylinder chamber, where it can mix with air, vaporize, and burn to produce energy. A fuel pump draws the liquid out of the tank and delivers it through fuel lines and filters to either a carburetor or fuel injector, where it then enters the cylinder chamber for combustion.
ExhaustMufflers, exhaust pipes, tail pipes, exhaust manifolds, catalytic convertersYour vehicle's exhaust system integrates a catalytic converter, muffler, and tailpipe. Today's vehicles also include multiple computer sensors, however, such as an oxygen sensor that helps clean the gases that an internal combustion engine produces.
SuspensionDiagnosis, shocks & struts, ball joints, idler arms, tie rods, radius rods & bushings, front wheel driveShock absorbers and struts help keep a vehicle's wheels in contact with the road, which helps improves cornering and braking. Shocks often have to be replaced after about 30,000 miles, with struts lasting about twice that long.
You should have them both checked about every 12,000 miles, though, or when you notice:
• bouncy, uncomfortable rides
• excessive body sway
• fluid leaks from either
• physical damage to either
• nose diving when breaking
• tail squatting when accelerating
• uneven tire wear
Tires & WheelsComputerized wheel balancing, computerized alignment, new tiresA wheel alignment will maximize your tires' tread life and ensure that your vehicle tracks straight. We sell all makes and models of tires (incl. Michelin, Dunlap, Goodyear), and our experts can help you select the right set for your vehicle and driving needs.
ElectricalBatteries, starters, alternators, switches, relays, sensorsLike your body, a vehicle will not operate without a healthy electrical system. Checks include engine light diagnosis.

If your vehicle requires any repair or service not seen on the list above, we very likely do it. Just call to inquire — and we will be sure to add it to our list!